Our Services

At M&S Plant Spares we fully understand that our customers have varying requirements and budgets; therefore, we can assure you that we have the expertise and technology to cater for your needs regardless of size or complexity.


Our experience tells us that when a customer is in their ‘hour of need’ we will find the way to get them ‘up & running’ as soon as possible, and close regular contact is key to making sure promises made are promises kept. Our customers benefit from our state of the art workshop through which we offer a complete in-house facility catering for your requirements and we are a genuine alternative to main dealers and thus very competitively priced- years of experience suggests that savings of up to 50% off main dealer prices are not uncommon.


We offer a comprehensive service which includes repairs, reconditioned units and the supply of new units where required. We can offer a service exchange programme where required and offer supply of genuine parts where & when required. Our Fast-Efficient Service is Fully tested to OEM standard and all work undertaken comes complete with Warranty & After sales support. We offer a true Worldwide Cover and take parts for repair daily from around the globe.

Repairs/Reconditioning Process

A Summary of our Process giving our customers an unrivalled service:
  • We can arrange collection services within Ireland
  • On arrival, units are carefully dismantled, inspected and wear tolerances are measured and referred against manufacturing specifications
  • Following a complete evaluation, we will provide you with our report and our no-obligation quote to repair

  • Once given the go-ahead, we will start the repair process as shown below:
  • Parts are meticulously cleaned, firstly in hot wash, then finally hand cleaned to ensure cleanliness and provide a secondary inspection
  • All damaged and worn parts are replaced
  • All O-rings/seals and bearings are replaced
  • Unit is then completely rebuilt
  • All hydraulic pumps are fully load tested and set to manufacturers specifications
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